David Hilliard, New York, USA

I have been fortunate to have fished for trout and salmon all over the world and the best sustained action has been provided by big rainbows and browns on the Bow River. My fishing pals and I are forever grateful to super guides Doug Massig and Curtis Lawrence for putting us over those beautiful fish - David Hilliard, New York, USA

Jim Patterson, Providence, RI. USA

Doug Massig, of Bow River Fly Fishing Adventures, guided me and a couple of friends last year for three days of fly fishing on the Bow River, where we all caught a lot of big trout. Aside from being very well-organized and knowledgeable, Doug is excellent
company. We had a great time! - James Patterson, Providence, RI. USA

Bob McAlaine, Montana, USA

I am by no means an expert fly fisherman. The 3 days with Doug and two of my friends who are excellent fly fishermen was the best! Doug is great company, an excellent teacher and guide and a very hard worker. I caught numerous 20+ inch browns and rainbows, lost a few "freight trains" and had a great time! Hope to return for round 2 this summer! Bob McAlaine, Montana, USA


Our day floating the Bow River with you was definitely the highlight of our trip to Canada. We have been telling everyone about the enjoyable experience.
Thank you. - Miki







Craig Farley, England

I wanted to drop you an email thanking you for arranging the two days fishing on the Bow. They were easily the best days of my vacation, and probably two of the best days fishing i've ever had.

I really enjoyed fishing with both guides. Curtis on the upper Bow was brilliant, we didn't catch that many, and I lost a decent fish, but what we caught were perfect little trout on dries in the most beautiful river i've ever fished. The scenery and wildlife, and most of all Curtis' company made it a great day.

As for the day on the lower bow, wow. What a day. I hope that Darren has told you all about the big fish we caught. Easily the biggest brown trout I've ever caught, and a fight that I will remember as long as I'm fishing. Similarly to the first day, one of the things that made the day was Darren's company.

I can't thank you enough for an incredible trip, both for the fish caught on both days and the incredible location, and i'm planning on doing something very similar next year! All the best. - Craig Farley, England

Hilary Godard, USA

Thanks for the photos and the experience and the excellent positioning of the drift boat - achieving a drag-free float requires teamwork. The brown was a personal best trout, but the most fun was the one that torpedo’d up the side of the boat!

People who will want to stop and watch and photograph an osprey as you did are our kind of people. All four bird photos are excellent. Trout do live in the prettiest places on earth. - Hilary Godard, USA

Julie Ulan, Alberta, Canada

Thanks so much for the fantastic fishing trip! It was great......it helps when you have someone tying hooks, suggesting where to place a cast, and moving the boat into the great fishing holes....it was excellent!! I'll be sure to pass along your contact info to the fishermen I know....they were jealous when I told them about the trip and I may have bragged once or twice about the fish I caught. Your pics will make my story more believable. Might even have to put one on my screen saver at work. The day was so enjoyable, I just might have to dust off my old fly fishing gear.
Cheers, - Julie Ulan, Alberta, Canada

Craig Farley, England

Testimonial picture for Fly Fishing Trip

I can't thank you enough for putting me on that fish, I had an amazing day, and I
don't think i'll ever forget that fight. It was a real team effort getting her to
the bank. With that day, and the day on the upper Bow with Curtis it was probably
the best 2 days fishing i've ever had, seriously.
Thanks again. - Craig, England







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